Keratin Shampoo – Is Keratin Shampoo Good for Your Hair and Scalp?

What will keratin shampoo do for you? Is it effective? Is it safe? Many people are not asking these questions before they choose a product and start using it. They just obtain information from TV ads. Choosing the right product is essential for your hair and scalp health. It will determine the thickness, strength and beauty of your hair in the long term. That is why you have to be well informed before making any decision.

What is keratin? This is a protein naturally found in the flat cells of hairs. It keeps them strong, elastic and healthy. When the amount of it in the cells diminishes, the hairs get brittle and dry. They are more prone to damage and breakage.

A keratin shampoo will work to supply sufficient amounts of this protein to your hair. As you use the product, the amount of keratin in your hair will increase naturally. As a result, you will enjoy stronger and more elastic hair and will get rid of split ends. You will notice the natural smoothness of the hair as well. It will be shinier and look livelier than before. Your hair will be effectively protected from damage and breakage. Thanks to the active ingredient, any good-quality keratin shampoo offers natural protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun and other threats such as air pollution.

Another important benefit of keratin shampoo is that it makes combing much easier, especially for people with curly hair. As the hair is smoother and more elastic it is less likely to form tangles. You will appreciate the ease of combing, especially after washing. As your hair is easy to brush, pulling will be significantly reduced. In this way, the follicles and the scalp will remain in optimal condition and the risk of thinning hair and hair loss will be reduced to the very minimum.

How effective is keratin shampoo? These products have hair strengthening, fortifying and volume enhancing properties. Researchers have found that keratin is a potent active ingredient and produces good results in most cases. The results will depend upon how brittle and damaged your hair is at the outset. It may take longer to restore your hair back to its natural healthy state.

Is keratin shampoo safe? The active ingredient is natural and is not known to cause any side effects. However, each different product contains different ingredients so you have to check them specifically to confirm that they are safe.

You may want to look for a keratin shampoo that is sulfate free. This ingredient is known to cause burning, irritation and itching of the scalp. Besides, it may damage the hair follicles. Paraphenylene diamine (PPD) is another traditional shampoo ingredient which may cause the same symptoms. PDD may also lead to contact dermatitis and dandruff in people who are sensitive to it. It is best to get a keratin shampoo that does not contain this ingredient.

Generally, a keratin shampoo may reduce the moisture in your scalp. This should not be a problem for people with normal or oily scalps. However, if you have a very dry scalp, you may feel irritation and you may not get the desired fortifying results. That is why people with a dry scalp should use keratin shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner. This combination should work to nurture your hair while giving you stronger, more elastic and shinier hair.

How do you choose a keratin shampoo? There are many different products to pick from so you must have an idea of what it is that you are looking for. It is essential that you get a keratin shampoo suitable for the type of scalp that you have. Your scalp can be oily, dry or normal (neither too oily nor too dry). It is easy to determine the type based on observation but if you are not sure, you can always get a test done at the dermatologist’s office.

Not all keratin products are created equal so it is important to evaluate the quality of each keratin shampoo on its own merits. Go over the active ingredients carefully. If the product contains amino acids as well as keratin, it should work to produce even better results more quickly. In general, vitamins and minerals are beneficial ingredients. However, if your hair is too oily, these may actually lead to increased oil production.

As was mentioned earlier, it is best to get a keratin shampoo that does not contain sulfate or PPD. In general, it is recommended that you buy a product from a reputable manufacturer. Just make sure that you read some reviews in advance to get an idea of how well the product has worked for others.

To get the best results from using a keratin shampoo, you should cover your scalp with a thick layer of the emulsion and massage it gently into the skin and the hair. It is important not to use the product too often. Using it two to three times a week should be sufficient.